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Satisfaction thru perfection, this is our goal. Heartland Dent Repair offers solutions for those looking to restore their vehicle's exterior body without sacrificing the integrity of its factory paint finish or original parts. Using the industry's unique and specialized tools, our experts gently and meticulously restore your vehicle until the damage is undetectable.

We offer a variety of repair services including ...
  • Paintless dent repair
    Whether your car was in the middle of a hail storm or hit by a runaway shopping cart at the grocery store, paintless dent repair may be the solution. With tools that work on your vehicle's car dent from the inside out, our experts methodically push out your door dings or car dents until the damage is unnoticeable.

  • Minor collision repair
    Heartland Dent Repair makes the collision repair process fast, hassle-free, and affordable. Auto collision repair is about restoring your car to its former health and beauty and ensuring you have a safe ride. We offer free quotes to completely eliminate any concerns you may have about prices while your car is being repaired.

  • Minor bodywork
    Using only the highest quality products, we make dents and dings disappear like magic. We save you time and money with our technicians who are fully trained in auto body repair, high quality painting, and bodywork repair.

  • Hail damage
    As lifelong residents of the Midwest, we know how quickly a hail storm can cause havoc on a vehicle. The majority of the time, our repair experts can use our paintless dent repair methods to completely remove all damage. We also work closely with your insurance company to ensure your damage claim is completely resolved.

  • Door dings
    There's nothing more stressful then returning to your vehicle after a nice dinner to notice an unsightly door ding. Heartland Dent Repair can use our low cost paintless dent repair options to restore your vehicle to its original condition.

  • Mobile services
    In need of a minor vehicle repair? We can come to you! At your home or office, Heartland Dent Repair can help make your repair work as painless as possible while ensuring your daily schedule remains uneffected.

  • Bumper repairs
    Most of the time, car owners hesitate to get repairs on bumpers due to the perceived high costs associated with this kind of repair service. However, when it comes to your car and the image it presents, even the smallest nicks and scrapes can mean the difference of thousands of dollars in your vehicle's resale value. The bumper repair professionals at Heartland Dent Repair know just what it takes to match the paint color and finish on a vehicle to create a perfect and impeccable result for a low, economical price.

  • Paint touchups
    Our paint repair process can be completed at a fraction of the cost of traditional paint and bodywork. Our paint experts color match to determine the precise paint formula for a perfect match. Minor paint repairs are very affordable and they usually take just a few hours. Itís never been easier to keep your vehicle looking showroom fresh.

  • Scuffs and scratches
    Thereís nothing more frustrating than a scratch on your otherwise pristine car. Heartland Dent Repair understands the frustration and that is one of the reasons why we specialize in scuff and scratch repair. Whether the damage barely brushes the surface or extends deep into the vehicle exterior, we can take care of it and restore your car back to its previous beauty.
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specializing in one-day turnaround repairs
I was very impressed with the work that Heartland Dent Repair did on my Subaru. One of my door dings was on a difficult body line and now you would not know I ever had a dent there. I highly recommend the work of Heartland Dent Repair!
- Cheryl S.
Gretna, NE
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